Wrapping up 2022!

As the “silly season” approaches, the Hihiaua Cultural Centre
continues to be a creative space and a place to reflect on what is
really important.
Issues of protection of our environment, caring for resources,
weathering the storms, imaginative ways of engagement and
building relationships have all been explored lately and will be
ongoing into the new year.
November saw us welcoming whanau visiting Aotearoa for the first
time in years, film crews, workshops, wananga, schools and
exhibitions.Trustees also met with the newly elected Whangarei
District Councillors. That meeting was to explore and inform the
on- going planning of the performance and exhibition venue – Stage
ll of the Hihiaua Cultural Centre.
Thirty established and emerging artists from around the country
participated in a one day intensive wananga looking at aspects of
Tapu and Noa with tohunga whakairo, Te Warihi Hetaraka. This
wananga was a practical response to Hihiaua’s role in the
reclamation, restoration and renewal of Maori culture and identity.
Last week quilt make/fabric artist Ron Te Kawa was back again for
three days teaching his techniques to an enthusiastic group of local

This month there will be a variety of activities at Hihiaua for the
whole community to enjoy amidst the backdrop of our Raumati
Exhibition, featuring the works of Theresa Reihana and other Tai
Tokerau artists

A special exhibition to commemorate 125 years since the birth of
Rewi Alley will be staged by the New Zealand Friendship for Peace
Association on Thursday, Decemeber 8. Many people of
Whangarei will remember Chinese artists Deng Bang Zhen and Lu
Bo who lived and worked at the Quarry Arts Centre during the

1990s. This exhibition brings them back to Whangarei to share
some of the works of Deng Bang Zhen’s foster father and
remember the New Zealander who became a hero of the Chinese
The following week will see the installation of Te Ra Ringa Raupa at
Hihiaua. This magnificent woven work which replicates the sails of
Polynesian waka of centuries ago will be on display until the middle
of January.
Each Tuesday at 4.30pm there is group practice of Timata Naam
Yoga with Shakti Naam Yoga at 6.30pm on the deck. For more
information contact naumainaam@gmail.com or check the
facebook page Nau Mai Naam Whangarei
We wish all our community safe and happy holidays and remember,
take time to be with whanau, care for Papatuanuku and enjoy all the
beauty life has to offer. Shop local and support our artists in 2023
and beyond.