Taitokerau Maori Arts Collective Nga Toki

TMAC Group Exhibiton
November - December 2020

An exhibition to celebrate Te Taitokerau Maori Artists Collective aka TTMAC 10 year inception since originally attending an indigenous arts gathering at Thornhill Station Qld Australia with our Aboriginal art whanau back in 2010.  The name of our collective was given by the late Colleen Urlich and Manos Nathan along with Allen Wihongi, Maude Cook-davies and Bernard Makoare specifically for this trip and it stuck. 

It’s a chance to also acknowledge some of those within TTMAC that heeded the regular calls since 2008, and earlier, and known for being the gym floor scrubbers, plinth painters, window washers and wall constructors etc for past Toi Ngapuhi and many other exhibitions.  With our collective growing we know the next generation will carry on the legacies