Hihiaua Cultural Centre – For Arts and Community

Since its opening the Hihiaua has acted as a hub for a unified community to gather, be inspired, and build hope for a shared future. This is why we’re so excited about the diverse range of art and community events happening in May. 

We kick-off with an Artist Talk from Carla Ruka, as part of the Ceramics NZ Touring Potter Programme. Carla will be discussing her work and practice as an indigenous artist and as a member of the Māori clay collective Ngā Kaihanga Uku. Ruka is known for her large-scale hand-built forms made using a unique coiling technique that she has developed during her 22-year practice. Her talk will take place at Hihiaua on Saturday, May 7 at 4pm.

Then we have Deaf Action New Zealand in the house for a presentation of sign-language themed t-shirts, that will be made by the deaf community during a prior workshop at Hihiaua. All are welcome to attend the event which will take place on Friday, May 13 from 4pm. It will be a great chance to connect and practice NZSL with others over a potluck dinner (so bring a plate to share). 

Next up HĀ – History of Aotearoa and Whangarei Girls High School take over the space with their Kākano workshop – a four-day programme for year 10 students that uses art to teach the history of Aotearoa. This includes a creation day at Hihiaua, which provides a chance for the students to express their views of the past and manifest their visions for the future. An exhibition of their creations will open on Saturday, May 14, and be available for viewing for a week.

The Whangarei Baha’i community will host a two day event at Hihiaua on May 21-22 as part of the global series, “Building Vibrant Communities Together.”  The theme of the Whangarei event is “Tuia Te Muka Tangata” and will give the public opportunities to find common ground and promote unity through discussion, artistic exploration and expression.

Fortnightly evening rongoa sessions will also continue on May 12 and 26. These are part of the fundraising efforts of local thespian Darius Martin-Baker who will be heading across the globe to fulfill a scholarship placement at Shakespeare’s Globe. Contact us if you would like to register or donate.

For the final days of May we will be preparing for our first group exhibition of the year to celebrate Puanga. The exhibition will feature local artists speaking to the beginning of the Māori new year and opens Wednesday, June 1 at 6pm. All are welcome to attend.

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